In a Nutshell…

Well.. here I am – at last starting my blog. My online diary. My visual words of what’s best described as “a whole lotta nothing.” And I don’t mean that in a negative way. Maybe instead of “nothing” I should say “chaos” which I’m completely aware is just the opposite. I guess you could say it’s going to be a mixture of both. My quirky scatter-brain will finally have a place to organize my ideas, thoughts and adventures that are otherwise usually forgotten or go untold. In addition to the personal benefits I’m seeking, I do hope my friends and family will appreciate, understand and maybe even be slightly entertained by the life I live on the road.

So let’s start there….

Life On The Road

For those of you who know me, but don’t really know me (i.e. social media relationship) allow me clear things up for you! You might notice I travel. A lot. This is due to my current job and relationship status. I moved to Northern Texas in November 2014 to be with boyfriend, Iden. He is a project engineer for a construction company (where I also currently work) in the Renewable Energy department, specifically wind. So every 6-9 months or so we travel to build different wind farms around the country. As you might notice, wind farms are usually built in rural areas. I’m talking rural. I drive by numerous pastures, cows, farms, etc. every day on my way to work. Kind of similar to the drives to work from Mesa to Phoenix (ha!) So yeah, it’s a little different.


I’ll admit, there’s a certain beauty in experiencing such a different lifestyle out in the country. First off, it’s really eye opening. It’s INSANE how much land there is in our country! That’s right, the United States has a TON of land outside of the big cities like Phoenix, San Diego, New York, Minneapolis, etc. So if you think that one or two or maybe even 3 additional freeways are getting built in your city and that pretty soon “freeways are going to take over the world” or that we’re going to “run out of room” you are so, so wrong my dear. So wrong. To put it into perspective… Around 95% of the country is rural land. That means ONLY 5 PERCENT is urban land! Does this blow your mind as much as it blew mine when I found out?! And that, my friend, is why I’ve learned so much from living out here and have even come to appreciate it. Sometimes. I mean it is where most of out food comes from, after all.  And I’ll always be a city girl at heart but for now… I’ll take it.

That Time of Month

I’m not going to give myself too much credit for handling life in the country because the truth is I don’t live here 12 months out of the year… it comes down to 9 months out of the year due to the week off we get every month. It’s pretty much the company’s way of saying “sorry you have to live in such shitty, desolate places with nothing to do except sit at a bar with the locals who aren’t always ‘there’ – here’s a week to visit populated cities and talk to people who know that Marc Jacobs, Topgolf and Prius’s exist!” (I drive a Prius, literally the only one in the vicinity of at least 50 miles.) I said certain beauty, remember?

That one week makes it all worth it. The weird ass locals and everything. I’m extremely fortunate that Iden is just as adventurous and spontaneous as I am. Let’s see, over the last year or so we’ve gone on 3 cruises, visited his family in Alaska, went back to Arizona several times, went to Minneapolis, San Antonio, Nashville, Portland (coming up), Chicago, New Mexico, Utah and probably more. It’s been amazing seeing all these places that I wouldn’t have been able to see other wise and I can’t wait for what’s to come!


Belize City, Belize on our last cruise week of April 10, 2016

Until Next Time

We’re currently closing out a project in butt-fuck-nowhere Kansas. (I’m serious if I told you the exact town you’d be like wheeeere?) After this project closes out, it’s going to be another busy time for us. First off, we have NO idea where we are going to be living next. People often don’t believe me or are straight-up appalled when I tell them we won’t know where we’re moving until literally a week or two before we get relocated. It can be frustrating but because we have no serious commitments (besides our dog) it’s really not that bad.

So we have no idea where we’ll be living next as of right now. All we know is we’ll be moving in a month or so? We are, however, establishing a “home base” in San Antonio which is super exciting. Most people who travel, especially in wind, have a “home base” where they will go on their monthly rotation. Iden and I usually travel but it will be nice to spend some downtime in a place we can both call home on our rotations. So after this move we will be moving to not one but TWO places. I’m already exhausted.

I tried to make this a “nutshell” but as you can see, that didn’t really work. I promise next time it will be shorter!

Until then,



2 responses to “In a Nutshell…”

  1. Jordan
    This was wonderful…………………we love hearing about your exciting and fantastic life. As your well aware, your grandpa and I don’t have one….. so we’ll live vicariously thru you


  2. Maureen Nelson Avatar
    Maureen Nelson

    My Jordy girl, I’m so glad you are having some great adventures! Live life to the fullest, always see the beauty in new places, things, and people, and keep being my little ray of Sunshine! xoxo mom


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