Achieving That Feeling of Empowerment for Peace of Mind

Hey, hey! In case you forgot… my name is Jordania. I’m an enthusiastic and visionary 26 year old living in Austin, Texas with my 8 month Border Collie, Bexley. In the last year, I’ve moved into my own apartment, gained valuable work experience, and established my love for travel.

Sorry, I haven’t written a post in SIX MONTHS so I felt a re-introduction was in line.

But also… that felt really freaking good to put in writing! While at first it may seem vain, sometimes we ALL need a little reminder of the bad-assery we’ve accomplished and there is NOTHING wrong with that!

Damn You, Doubt

Today, I randomly decided to read the last blog I wrote back in September. Truth be told, reading my own blogs usually makes me pretty uncomfortable. Knowing the social world is out there reading some of my deepest, most transparent thoughts is awkward, nerve-wracking, and totally liberating, all at once.

While reading the post today, I found myself smiling with feelings of gratitude, contentment, and appreciation. When those feelings passed, the relentless but inescapable spirit of doubt swept through. “Wait, I should be feeling weird about this. Why do I feel unapologetic and not anxious? Is this okay?” All the things.

But I think it’s completely fine – and even necessary – to remind ourselves that a) transparency is admirable and b) we should feel proud of ourselves without feeling guilty for it. Boom.

Stay Grounded, My Friends

I know I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again: With social media being such a huge factor in our lives, we often compare ourselves to others. This is damaging but it’s practically inevitable. It’s nearly impossible to just one day wake up and say “Hey! Who the #$% cares about where other people are at, it’s about MY progress.” While it’s not realistic to accomplish this mindset overnight, intentionally putting these thoughts into your every day life definitely helps.

I’ve recently gained more time to myself (I’m on a dating hiatus– but that’s another story) so I’ve been making great use of my free time. Every day after work I take time to “unplug” and really reflect. When I get home, I take a 15 minute walk to the park with Bexley. While there, I sit towards the sun, not only in hopes of getting a tan, but also because I like to close my eyes, phone out of sight, and breathe in the fresh air as I think of all I have.

I’m pretty sure I just made myself seem like a crazy person, but I DGAF because it WORKS. Taking those few moments to just sit and breathe is an effective method of meditation for me (minus the time I have to take to yell at Bexley for literally not knowing what personal space is and tackling strangers.) But between those peaceful moments and my nightly run, I can keep grounded and am reminded that I’m able.


Try finding a relaxing activity or space that you can use as a daily reminder of all you’ve accomplished, all you have, and all that’s to come. And I highly recommend “unplugging” for at least a few minutes a day– this will give you a moment to break away from what everyone else is doing and focus on yourself– YASS QUEEN!

The Empowerment Paragraph

Did I just make that up? Yes, 100 percent. It’s fine guys, I’m like suhhhh smart. Okay but really, check out this definition:

Empowerment: the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights.

Damn girl. LET’S GET EMPOWERED. Remember that game Mad Libs from back in the day? Cool, let’s play a less grotesque version, shall we?

My name is _________. I’m a/an [positive adjective] and [positive adjective] who’s accomplished [overall accomplishment]. I’m a badass [noun] who doesn’t need no [noun] and I plan to [goal] by the end of 2018.


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