How to Stay Grounded in the Midst of a Pandemic

With news of rising death tolls, massive layoffs, and cities across the globe getting put on lockdown, it’s no wonder people are shaken up. Being in the midst of this international pandemic is one of the most unique – and frankly, terrifying – situations we’ve probably ever faced. But that doesn’t mean you should lose your sense of balance because with that, you’ll also lose your peace of mind, relaxation, and focus.

It’s okay to feel anxious about what’s going on. It’s a lot to cope with. But instead of obsessing over what’s happening, try and find that space in the middle of hope and disappointment, between happiness and sadness, and between desire and apathy. Staying centered is what’s going to get you through this difficult time.

It’s not about staying positive or seeing the good in this situation, but about understanding that every event, including the COVID-19 outbreak, is a combination of good and bad. Aligning yourself so you’re not phased by negative energy will help you remain in a special sanctuary of equilibrium.

While recent events have surfaced feelings of turmoil, it’s also shined light on the beauty of our communities and mankind. We’ve seen balcony concerts, strong support systems, and laughable internet content to keep us going during times of isolation.

If you’re still feeling weary, discouraged, or lonely, check out these tips on how to stay grounded during the midst of a pandemic:

Limit Your Media Intake

There is a plethora of information out there, yes. And while it’s okay to stay informed on current events, be sure and monitor the amount of media you’re consuming. This is clearly a difficult task to avoid online and since you have more time on hand, if anything, your media intake has probably increased.

If you realize that the amount you’re reading is becoming a burden, or you start feeling heavy, take a step back. Get off your device and have a different, physical conversation with someone. If you live by yourself, pick up the phone or go outside.

Whatever your distraction may be, disconnect your mind from the news and move forward.

Breathe Like it Matters

Whether you’re feeling anxious or out of Center, it’s because you’re not breathing properly.¬†Download an app to help kickstart your meditation if you’re still new to it. When I started meditating I found the app, Headspace, to be really helpful.

There are so many apps on the market to assist with anxiety and will probably aid in some breathing exercises- try it! Even just 3 or 4 breaths can help bring you closer to center.

Things to do During Coronavirus.jpg

Put Things Into Perspective

Whether your graduation ceremony was cancelled, your wedding was postponed, or your travel plans were interrupted, remind yourself that people are seriously sick. As the numbers keep climbing, consider yourself fortunate to be healthy and grateful your loved ones are okay.

So you have to push a date back for an event you’re really looking forward to? Disappointment is only natural but don’t dwell on the timing. Most people are dealing with some sort of conflict but hey, it’ll make an eventful story to tell one day!

Get Excited About the Little Things

As an extrovert, the idea of quarantining is pretty tragic. So instead of remembering what I’m missing out on, I made a conscious effort to list the things I can do instead and grew eager to write them down.

As I was creating my list, I made sure to write things down that I would actually do, not just so they would look cool on my fridge. In doing so, I could feel my enthusiasm building as I thought of doing things I haven’t done in years and things I’ve been meaning to accomplish! Check out my list below for some inspo for your own list!


Find Stillness in Movement

Be intentional when you decide to go on a walk to get some fresh air. Walk as slowly as you can, staying present in the moment and sync your breathing to your steps.

Try having fun with your at-home workouts; If you’re like me, I LOVE going to the gym and getting in the right mindset to exercise– the thought of working out at home is not appealing. However, I know doing something is better than nothing so I took my yoga mat out on the balcony today, turned up my music, and did a lower body workout using only bands. I loved being outside and felt so good after getting a workout in, regardless of the circumstances.

Keep Your Heart Focused on How You Can Help

Focus on how you can add value to the world, especially in times like this.

What are you passionate about? Fitness? Share your at-home workouts with the world. Cooking? Share some recipes on social media to help others who may not be as innovative. Drawing? Show us what you’ve been illustrating! Interior design? Give tips on creating an effective workspace for those who don’t always work from home! Fashion? Hey, we’re still online shopping, give us some #ootds!

When you feel like you’ve contributed value to the world, you’ll probably feel centered, grounded, and at ease.

Being proactive about your well-being in times of uncertainty can help you manage your mental health and feel empowered!

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