Panic Disorder, Birth Control, and Other Topics That Are Vulnerable AF

As new regulations have been put into place amid the COVID-19 crisis, my newfound downtime has caused me to reflect on my mental health journey. Through these reflections, I felt a timely push to share what I’ve recently been going through. My hope is that you will find my vulnerability to be relatable, insightful, and valuable in these confusing times.…


Don’t Discriminate: How to Live Freely With Your Emotions

Social media has become a popular outlet that has led our culture and generation to gear towards the idea of “pro-positivity.” Inspirational quotes, motivational articles, and encouragement among our peers are now regular sightings and nothing out of the ordinary to our screen-adapted eyes. While this is charming and something I hope continues to grow, like most good things, it…



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The Liberating Truth About Being Honest (and How to Say What You Mean)

There are often times in our lives when we are put in uncomfortable situations that may prevent us from speaking our truth. Maybe you don’t want to have a certain conversation with a friend or significant other out of fear of hurting their feelings, or maybe you don’t want to bring an idea to your […]

6 Ways to Fend Off Feelings of Attachment Too Early in the Game

Ah, yes… let’s talk dating! Because dating as a twenty-something in 2018 is so. much. fun. Am I right? While this isn’t a personal issue I struggle with, I’ve seen one too many of my friends (and not just girls!) battle with getting too emotionally attached, too soon. They meet someone, hit it off, text regularly […]

How to Not be a Victim and Become a Victor Instead

Have you ever been around someone who seems to always have something going wrong in their lives? Or maybe YOU feel as though the world is constantly on your shoulders and likely drag people down with you, intentionally or not? This is something I’ve been meaning to write about for quite some time. It’s something […]