Dreaming Big, Taking Risks and Making Moves

It’s official: city girl is back in the city!

A few weeks ago Iden and I made the move from the desolate lands of Kansas to the opportune land, San Antonio – and we are lovin’ it! We’ve settled in our new apartment, became official Texas residents and have done our fair share of exploring.

My attempt at Joanna Gaines decor

Good Food, Good Mood

When we first moved back to an actual city we were overwhelmed with all the dining options we had! As foodies, it was extremely difficult living in a town that required us to drive 45 minutes just for Chipotle – not that there’s anything wrong with Chipotle but come on, I need more options than that!

Dog Days of Summer

Wylie is thoroughly enjoying the dog parks, but apartment life is definitely an adjustment. When we were in a town of 600 Wylie got used to constantly wondering off-leash. Whenever we were outside he would take strolls through town by himself and return up to 20 minutes later. We were a little worried that he would be miserable here as he needs to always be on a leash and doesn’t have nearly as much space to run around, but as long as we take him on 734 walks a day, he’s adjusting relatively well.


Adulting in its Purest Form

As y’all know (do I sound Texan yet?), I’ve been accompanying my boyfriend while he works a job that requires moving every few months. Now that we have a “home base,” we’ve decided to make some moves in the progress of our relationship.

No, I’m not talking about an engagement and I’m certainly not pregnant, but my life on the road has officially come to an end, meaning two things:

a) Iden and I will be dating long distance for 3 weeks of the month and

b) the start to my career in San Antonio will soon begin!

The more we talked about the possibility of me staying in San Antonio while he continues to work and travel, the more enthusiastic I became.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not excited at all to be apart from Iden. It’s only been one night apart from each other and I already wish he was back. I now know what it’s like to feel as if a part of me is missing.

On the other hand, I’m eager to start working in the field(s) that I’ve been working toward. I’ll be applying to a variety of companies for positions in PR, marketing, media and communications this week.

I’ll now also be able to help with more bills, start my 401(k) and put money away so we can ultimately live the life that we dream of – I’m talking real adult responsibilities here people!

Wish me luck on my job hunt!


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